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Thank you for visiting Phil's Narrow Gauge. The cars and accessories found on these pages are built in 1:20.3 scale now recognized as F scale and represent Colorado Narrow Gauge. All cars and parts are individually manufactured in my shop.

I use quality basswood,  Poplar and  Birch Plywood's  in the construction of the cars. Scribing of the plywood is done on a custom built saw verses laser cutting. All white metal parts are cast in my shops from molds made with my masters. A Pewter-Cerro alloy is used in the casting of those parts.

While the completed cars are not fine scale museum pieces, they are easy to build and quite rugged to survive the rigors of outdoor garden railroading.

September 14, 2014                                      

Well guys, the time has come. After 14 years of doing this, I have reached burnout. Effect immediately I have no stock on the shelf for sale. I am moving all stock kits to the limited run, sold out tab under the rolling stock pages.

I still have a lot of die cast and plastic trucks in the mezzanine that will dictate future projects. I am however, completely out of the Accucraft 3' 7" freight trucks and I will not be re-stocking them. I have one box of Accucraft couples which will go with kits and when they are gone, I will not re-stock them.

I have several commitments to complete this fall through early January so nothing will be made between now and then.

Starting next year, production will be a limited run type. Meaning I will make up 20 to 40 kits of a car and when sold out, production over. Some of those limited runs will be of the old PNG line but only if sufficient interest exist. Cars on my list will be the 800 drop bottom, a tool car, a 4000 series caboose with thoughts for an RPO car to go with the J&S line of cars and possibly the Conoco tank.  

None of those are set in concrete as of now. I also have several cases of Aristocraft short passenger trucks. My plan for them is a set of short, Sierra type, NG passenger cars. Never existed in prototype but many of us just don't have massive layouts with 20' or more diameter curves.

This business has opened a lot of doors to me and introduced me to a lot of incredible people. As I look back through my Quick Books at past sales, I am humbled that an old beat up phone man could pull something like this off. My sincere thanks to all that have supported me over the years and I hope the kits and parts I produce have made your model railroading experience even better.

Before you ask, I am not selling the business. My tools were hard fought to add to my arsenal. Besides, most are custom home built that require lots of TLC to keep them running. And moving forward, I need each and every tool I use.

Watch the non PNG page as I will be selling off items that I no longer need like plastic trains and other misc. items. I'm still working on the destroyer and hope to finish it in the next few weeks.

I will continue to have PNG parts. The GM motors are still in stock but I expect will run out in the next 6 months.

Summer is about over here. Another 2 to 3 weeks will put the squirrels down for the winter. The gophers terrorize things year round. I got one neighbor trained with the Victor traps he is leading me with 29 gophers to my 27. He has 1 squirrel caught in a trap. I have 33 by various means :-)



Rolling Stock

Nothing in stock or planned at this date


 I have all parts in stock. I am out of the M1.6 by 1/4" length screws for the GM motors. Minimum order is 5K and I don't want to carry that many. I do have the M1.6 by 1/2" length and will sell them as a 10 pack for $1.00. You will need to cut them down for the length you want. The spec sheet for the motors shows 4 different motors specs but I only carry the GM12-N20VA. I do not carry the others.

Customer Photo's

New pictures are from Ruslan Lyundovskiy in Moscow, Russia. Rich Schiffman, Conroe Texas. Daryl Barter, British Columbia, Canada. John Luehrsen, Madison Wisconsin and  Rob Lenicheck, Palo Alto California.

Also a couple pictures of a scratch build 40' flatcar build by Dean Lowe and late Paul MacFarland. They started with Maxwell plans, lumber and of course, PNG detail parts. Great one of a kind model.


Thank you and enjoy my site.

Phil Dippel

This page was last updated on 09/14/2014

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