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Thank you for visiting Phil's Narrow Gauge. The cars and accessories found on these pages are built in 1:20.3 scale now recognized as F scale and represent Colorado Narrow Gauge. All cars and parts are individually manufactured in my shop.

I use quality basswood,  Poplar and  Birch Plywood's  in the construction of the cars. Scribing of the plywood is done on a custom built saw verses laser cutting. All white metal parts are cast in my shops from molds made with my masters. A Tin based alloy is used in the casting of those parts.

While the completed cars are not fine scale museum pieces, they are easy to build and quite rugged to survive the rigors of outdoor garden railroading.


Effective September 14, 2014 and for the Foreseeable Future

All kits produced will be of a limited run nature. No kits will be produced for the sake of having kits on the shelf for random purchases. After 14 years of doing just that, it's time for me to focus on my projects with the occasional run of a previously produced kit or a new kit. Watch for updates.


November 24, 2014 update

I've re-ordered the Harpstands for shelf stock. Increases in brass alloy and casting cost have increased the price I have to charge for them. The new prices are $25 for kit form and $30 assembled.

The DGRS convention cars are progressing in a timely manor. 100 down, 100 to go.

I have completed the 1/96 scale model of the USS Herbert J Thomas of which I served on 1968 through 1970. Pictures can be found following "Phil's Desk" to DD-833.

I have a couple custom projects for close friends I'll be working on this winter. I will post pictures of those projects under the "Phil's Desk" tab. Might give you ideas for scratch building cars for yourself.

Depending on temps, I want to start working on bench work in the train building.

Winter is here even thought the calendar still says Fall. We've had 1 arctic blast so far. We seem to get 2 to 4 of them per winter. Trees and squirrels are down for the winter. Trees grew from 2-3 inches to 1 to 2 foot. A good season for them. Squirrels lost 34 buddies and gophers lost 33. As the area develops,  the number of coyotes have diminish causing a rise in the rabbit population. Just not enough hawks and owls to thin their ranks. I noticed them chewing on lower tree branches as the grasses they normally eat have died back for the winter. Not a good choice of diet for the rabbits. Might have to start a new stroke list !!!


Rolling Stock

Nothing in stock or planned at this date


 I have all parts in stock. I am out of the M1.6 by 1/4" length screws for the GM motors. Minimum order is 5K and I don't want to carry that many. I do have the M1.6 by 1/2" length and will sell them as a 10 pack for $1.00. You will need to cut them down for the length you want. The spec sheet for the motors shows 4 different motors specs but I only carry the GM12-N20VA. I do not carry the others.

Customer Photo's

New pictures are from Ron Keiser,  Arvada, CO. George Balling, Grayslake, IL. and Russ Lucas in Brisbane, Australia.


Thank you and enjoy my site.

Phil Dippel

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