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Thank you for visiting Phil's Narrow Gauge. The cars and accessories found on these pages are built in 1:20.3 scale now recognized as F scale and represent Colorado Narrow Gauge. All cars and parts are individually manufactured in my shop.

I use quality basswood,  Poplar and  Birch Plywood's  in the construction of the cars. Scribing of the plywood is done on a custom built saw verses laser cutting. All white metal parts are cast in my shops from molds made with my masters. A Pewter-Cerro alloy is used in the casting of those parts.

While the completed cars are not fine scale museum pieces, they are easy to build and quite rugged to survive the rigors of outdoor garden railroading.

April 17, 2014                                      

Progress update.......................

The MOW Caboose limited run kit is over. I have a couple "left over" that I will take to shows to sell on a "first come" basis.

Been burning the midnight oil building kits. My first order for the kits is the BTS show in California. I'm a week or so away from having a small build of all kits back on the shelf. Then I will load the totes for the show and open the door to Internet sales a crack.

In the process of buying raw materials for the manufacturing process, I've been hit with huge price increases. White metal alloys are up over $3 a pound since the last order 2 years ago. Brass and wood are up as are other miscellaneous parts. Plus shipping to get those parts delivered. To that end, I've had to increase prices almost across the board. These are the new prices for items being increased.

PNG-001        $90.00

PNG-002        $90.00

PNG-003        $60.00

PNG-004        $95.00

PNG-005        $130 / $150 (standard / bearings)

PNG-006        $85.00

PNG-007        $100.00

PNG-030        $95.00

PNG-031        $95.00

PNG-032        $90.00

PNG-033        $100.00

PNG-034        $95.00

Accucraft 3' 7" Freight Trucks    $60.00 / $80.00  (standard / bearings)

Accucraft 4' 8" Reefer Trucks     $60.00 / $80.00  (standard / bearings)

PNG-Andrews                              $55.00

All trucks except the J&S are only available with the purchase of a kit.

I recognize price increases are not a popular thing. One thing here at the PNG shops I've held tight to is pricing. I do not have or never will have dealers. I sell to you at wholesale direct prices. As I look back over the last 14 years, a good example of holding the line on pricing is my first kit, the 30' boxcar. When I started, it was priced at $75. Now it's $90. The price of metal alloy, brass and wood have all more than doubled during that time period. What I pay myself to produce the kits has remained the same.

I've added a couple of buttons at the top of the page labeled "Phil's Desk" and "Non PNG 4 Sale". While there is some train related stuff on the "Phil's Desk", I thought I'd share a few other projects on my "bucket list". The "Non PNG 4 Sale" will have items, mostly train related, but not items build by me for sale.

For those following the destroyer build, go to "Phil's Desk" and then "DD-833".

The OV model built by the late Jim Ferry on the Non PNG page is sold. I'll leave the pictures up for another update round for your enjoyment.

I get a lot of questions about my J&S Bearing Kit. I've added some pictures and dialog about the procedure on the services page.

Spring is trying to arrive here on the front range. Still getting hit and miss storms. All good as they bring needed moisture. Squirrel are awake. Trapped one gopher already. Grass is beginning to green. Time to fertilize all the trees and spray the spruce trees for weevils.



Rolling Stock

All kits are out of stock until May


 I have all parts in stock. I am out of the M1.6 by 1/4" length screws for the GM motors. Minimum order is 5K and I don't want to carry that many. I do have the M1.6 by 1/2" length and will sell them as a 10 pack for $1.00. You will need to cut them down for the length you want. The spec sheet for the motors shows 4 different motors specs but I only carry the GM12-N20VA. I do not carry the others.

Customer Photo's

New pictures are from Ruslan Lyundovskiy in Moscow, Russia. Rich Schiffman, Conroe Texas. Daryl Barter, British Columbia, Canada. John Luehrsen, Madison Wisconsin and  Rob Lenicheck, Palo Alto California.

Also a couple pictures of a scratch build 40' flatcar build by Dean Lowe and late Paul MacFarland. They started with Maxwell plans, lumber and of course, PNG detail parts. Great one of a kind model.


I am continually working to improve manufacturing processes and to add new cars and hardware. Please check back frequently for new products.

Thank you and enjoy my site.

Phil Dippel

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