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Thank you for visiting Phil's Narrow Gauge. The cars and accessories found on these pages are built in 1:20.3 scale now recognized as F scale and represent Colorado Narrow Gauge. All cars and parts are individually manufactured in my shop.

I use quality basswood,  Poplar and  Birch Plywood's  in the construction of the cars. Scribing of the plywood is done on a custom built saw verses laser cutting. All white metal parts are cast in my shops from molds made with my masters. A Tin based alloy is used in the casting of those parts. I do outsource a few parts to a screw machine shop in China otherwise, everything is manufactured in my shop.

While the completed cars are not fine scale museum pieces, they are easy to build and quite rugged to survive the rigors of outdoor garden railroading.


Effective September 14, 2014 and for the Foreseeable Future

I have no kits in stock nor do I plan to manufacture any in the near future other than what's posted in the current update. Any kits produced will be of a limited run nature. No kits will be produced for the sake of having kits on the shelf for random purchases. After 16 years of doing just that, it's time for me to focus on my projects with the occasional run of a new kit. Watch for updates.


May 18, 2023 Update

Caboose Update

The 2nd cut of the caboose is finished. Corrected several laser CAD files. I'm close to finishing the 3rd and final test cut. Those of you that have bought my kits in the past know several of the parts are pre-built to either reduced the cost of the kit by not having to produce jigs to build the kit upon or to maintain exact dimension or hole patterns. There are several of those "pre-built" parts in the caboose. I have ordered enough 3D printed parts (windows, doors, stove, etc.) for the first 4 kits to be sold. To date I have 13 orders. With all raw materials costing me more, the caboose kit with be $600. The passenger trucks will be included in the price. The figures pictured are not. They are also expensive should you want to add them. I outsource them to a 3D printer so I have no control with the price.

This spring has been extremely busy with non PNG projects. Summer, with care of the house and 5 acres, will also take me out of the shop. My oldest grandson is graduating for high school in California which will also take me away. I will get to all with orders and those very patiently waiting on the 1:20 RPO project.

I have 7/8ths scale flatcars, pulp racks and 85 boxcars in stock. I need to make up another small batch of the 147 boxcar. With ISP's doubling down on unwanted emails and spam, frequently emails end up in your spam folder. If you email me and don't get a response, check your spam folder. I answer ALL emails that aren't trying to sell me swamp land. Sometimes, when I respond, the receiving ISP will return a message to me that my email has been blocked for xyz reasons. I'll try a couple of times and then move on. 

Another important item. I can't control shipping cost. I have kept my product line sale prices close to straight line. Material cost have gone up and in some cases, I have had to increase my prices but no more than 20% over the past 23 years. The small flatrate box I use for small orders has just increased from $9.45 to $10.20. FedEx Ground has also increased for kits but is still the cheapest method available.

Winter is over and I have summerized my snow blower and removed the blade from my lawn tractor. Last summer we received 8-1/2" of rain where normal is 15". We're approaching 6" so far this year. Hopefully drought conditions, that seem persistent along the front range, will take a long vacation.

RPO 66 Update

Many are asking the status of the RPO. My initial plan was to do the RPO and then move to the 7/8ths kits. The covid disruption of everything in the spring of 2020 changed those plans. I couldn't get masters made for it so started working on the trucks for the 7/8ths cars. As delays persisted, I began work on the actual 7/8ths kits and just "parked" the RPO project for a later date. I am a one horse operation. As I like to say, one dog, one bone. The RPO project will happen, I just can't say when. Producing kits is secondary to my other responsibilities. While many of my colleagues have bailed from the manufacturing scene, I'm doing my best to hang in there another couple of years.

I have all 50 spots signed up for an RPO kit. At present, I have 6 on the waiting list should any of the 50 change their minds. We'll see how that works out. I have almost all the brass masters I need for the RPO. I do need 1 more of the side steps laser cut in brass. Also need the time to make spin casting molds and silicon molds for the resin parts. I'm now thinking the fall of 2022 at this point. The 7/8ths project I took on is proving to be bigger than anticipated.

A change to this site is now in effect. I have moved the limited run short passenger cars from the Future Projects page to Rolling Stock > Freelance > Short Passenger. They are now fully retired. In the place of the short passenger cars is a new button for the SR&RL 7/8ths kits I'm working on.

7/8ths Update

I've added a "7/8ths SR&RL" button to the main bank of buttons at the top of this page. A few were having problems finding those kits.

First three kits are in stock or in stock as I can keep up with the demand. Caboose is in development. Should have it ready to ship, hopefully by spring 2023.

Hope all are staying warm and healthy.

Rolling Stock

The 7/8ths kits are in stock. The caboose will be the final entry in this venture. They are the only kits in stock at present. Being a "One Horse" operation, I don't have the room in the shop for multiple builds. I know all those on the RPO 66 list want to see advancement but I will get there. This old guy is working as fast as he can.


Most parts are in stock. Please email for availability. Harpstand prices have gone up a little due to increased materials cost at my suppliers end.

Customer Photo's

New photo's from Doug Prescott in CA, George Rawe in NC and Neil MacEwen in IL.


Thank you and enjoy my site.

Phil Dippel

This page was last updated on 05/18/2023

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