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Contact Info

Please e-mail me for availability, shipping and handling charges. Kits are produced in small batches and there may be some delays. If a particular kit is out of stock, there could up to 2-3 week delay before a new batch is manufactured.

I try to keep sufficient materials on hand for parts orders but shortages do occur.

I use FedEx ground for most orders.  Shipping and handling for a single car typically runs $16 to $20. Again, please e-mail with questions and to place orders.

Parts orders under 1 pound in weight are shipped USPS Flat rate Priority Mail @ $7.90 to US Domestic Locations.  Parts orders over 1 pound will ship best method.   Again, please e-mail with questions and to place orders.

Payment Options. For domestic orders, I accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, personal checks, money orders and PayPal. Please contact me via e-mail before sending in an order. Colorado residence, please e-mail as sales tax vary from city to city and county to county.

Overseas orders.  I do ship overseas and use the US Postal Service for shipping. Please visit for shipping charges. For overseas payments, I accept VISA, MasterCard, International Money Orders paid in US Funds or PayPal with either bank funds or credit cards.  I also accept Western Union.


Thank You

Phil Dippel