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Ball Bearings

ball bearing-1 ball bearing-2 j&s bearing

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Photo's show side by side comparison of "factory" wheels and sideframes on the left and modified wheels and sideframes to the right in the first two picture. The third picture is of the new Jackson & Sharp ball bearing kit of parts. Included is 8 replacement bushing with bearings and 4 replacement axles with Sierra Valley wheelsets.

This service is now available.  Cost is $25.00 plus shipping both ways. This price is for one pair of trucks, 2 trucks, one cars. I have had some confusion about this with customers thinking it was $25 per truck or $50 per car which is WRONG.  It is $25 per car. You will have to disassemble the trucks before shipping. Failure to disassemble the truck will result in additional charges. Please e-mail with questions and to arrange for this service.  This service involves turning the ends of the wheel axles from a Metric size to English and boring of the side frames.  It will also include 8 ball bearing races pressed into the sideframes. Tolerances are holding at .0005" to .001" or within 1/2 of a thousandths.

Results from my testing and customers shows reduction of rolling drag friction by a factor of 7-10 times. In other words, 50 cars on flat level track will present the same friction drag as 7-10 cars with factory trucks.


Replace the Accucraft wheelsets with Sierra Valley wheelsets. With this option, you just send the sideframes for the ball bearings. I return your sideframes with bearings and 4 new Sierra Valley 26" or 24" wheels mounted on a custom axles to fit my bearings and the Accucraft trucks.

Price................ $30.00 per pair.

Kit of Parts for the J&S trucks is $30.00. You get 4 new axles with Sierra Valley wheelsets and 8 replacement bushings with ball bearings press fit in them. If you desire to have your Accucraft wheelsets turned to fit the bearings the cost is $40 plus 2-way shipping of the wheels only. You disassemble the trucks. The replacement bushing are cut to fit into the stock journals and glue in. They replace the factory brass bushings.


3' 7" Accucraft Freight Trucks (red, brown or black)                                                             $25.00  

3' 7" Accucraft Caboose Trucks (I need the complete trucks less electrical pickups)      $30.00  

4' 8" Accucraft Reefer Trucks                                                                                                     $25.00  

I am out of the custom Sierra Valley axles.  I'm hearing that Sierra Valley is in negotiations for a sale. Until and if that happens, the only option  I have is to turn your Accucraft axle tips on the lathe.



Included in the kit of parts are 4 new Sierra Valley wheelsets with PNG custom axles. Also are 8 new aluminum bushings with ball bearings pressed into them. You will need a #0 and a #1 Phillips head screwdriver.


With the #0 driver, remove the 2 screws on either side of the journal. Loosen only the #1 screw into the sideframe.


Rotate the strap out and away from the journal. This will allow the journal to come out with the wheel and 2 brass bushings.


Journal, wheel and bushings removed.


Slide 2 new bearing bushings on the axle tips of the Sierra Valley wheels. Insert into the back journal, slide the front journal on and fit into the sideframe. Be sure to keep the journal right side up.


If you're having trouble re-inserting the journal, check to make sure the new bushings are seated all the way into the journals. While the trucks are assembly line produced in China, there are differences between trucks and between journals. That's why I don't recommend doing more than one wheel at a time. Also, the journals are cast brass and then machine drilled for the brass bushing. Sometimes the drilled hole is less than perfect. Off centered or drilled through the side of the journal box are common. You may need to "address" an imperfect journal if necessary. I have re-drilled the hole and or filled poorly drilled holes. This is an extreme case, maybe 1 in 25 trucks.


Swing the strap back into position, re-insert the 2 #0 screw and tighten the #1 screw. Check for free rolling. Check the tabs on either side of the fake leaf springs. You may need to bend these out a little as they sometimes interfere with the compression of the spring bar.


I would recommend not re-attaching the electrical pickups as these will defeat the bearings. If you need lighting in the cars, convert to battery power with LED's or incandescent lighting.


" Steeper grades, heavier loads, longer trains, all possible!   These are the answer to many issues!!", Bob Gerloff, Lakewood, CO. 

"Since converting my trucks to Phil's ball bearing, my Accucraft C-21 has gone from a max of 8 cars up a 3.7% grade on my layout to 18 cars without slipping the drivers. Well worth the effort!"

Dean Lowe, La Verne, Ca.