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Future Projects for 2018, 2019 & 2020

First up for the spring of 2018 into 2019 will be a freelanced short "Sierra" style passenger car set. My plans are to offer a 1:20.3 set of 4 cars. 2 coach, 1 combine and 1 of either a baggage or RPO. This will be a bottoms up construction starting with plans, a frame jig and CAD drawings for the laser. In past passenger type cars I've made, the entire roof was laser cut pieces that were glued together to create the roof ends and center then sheathed with thin plywood and "tar" paper. This time, I'm going to attempt to make a roof end master and cast it in resin very similar to the roof ends Bob Hartford developed for his Chili Line coach and combine. The cars will include Aristocraft short passenger trucks and Kadee couplers. For those with less than 40' radius curves and running smaller consolidation type loco's, these should fit the bill ....... I hope!!

Bob was here at the shops during the Denver narrow gauge convention this year and besides visiting the train room and touring the shops and my methodology of kit building, we agreed to assist each other with parts and technical help. I look forward to making things for Bob and utilizing his expertise in developing parts.

Some sort of logging car will be next on the list. For sure not log cars, disconnects or a logging caboose as they've been made repeatedly by other manufacturers. A friend up the road from me is building a 1:20.3 scale east coast indoor logging layout and he has several ideas for cars I could produce. I'll begin to load up the logging car page as ideas develop.

Finally, I have way to many J&S passenger trucks which need to move from my mezzanine to your layout. What I'm thinking about are 2 cars built to the same size and specs as the Accucraft J&S coach and combine so they'll look right at home with those cars. Probably a baggage car and an RPO. But, those choices may change as I near starting them. A best guess, sometime in early 2019.

As I've said before, I'm doing my best to fully retire the PNG shops. But, I have substantial dollars in trucks up in the mezzanine. I'm not looking to return to 70 hour weeks building kids. The last 30 kits I produce in August of this year took me a full month to produce including the time to ball bearing the trucks. That cured me for 2017.

I plan to let my website go dark after 2020 but that decision is still up in the air so the clock is ticking.