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Customer Photo's

SH-1 sh-2 sh-3 sh-4

sh-5 sh-6 sh-7 sh8

sh9 sh10 sh12 sh14

Steve Heselton, Los Altos, Calif.

Top Row, Fixed Door Boxcars

Middle Row, 5 years later @ 22nd Annual Garden RR Convention + PNG Drop, PNG GRAMPS & PNG REEFER

Bottom Row, Drop bottom with / without coal

ao-1 ao-2 ao-3 ao-4

ao-5 ao-6 ao-7 ao-8

Alan Olson, Edgewater, Colorado

Fixed Door Boxcars and Flat Cars

ka-1 ka-3 ka-2 ka-4

ka-5 ka-6

Keith Adamski, Broomfield, Colorado

Fixed Door Boxcar, 30' Reefer and 700 Series Drop Bottom

ta-1 ta-2 ta-3 ta-4

ta-5 ta-6 ta-7

Hung Ta, Thornton, Colorado

Fixed Door Boxcars and Flatcars

dl-1 dl-2 dl-3 dl-4 dl-5 dl-6

dl-7 dl-8 dl=9 dl-10 dl-11 dl-12


Dean Lowe, La Verne, California

30' & 40' Reefers, 04417, 04466 & 04965 OM Support Cars, 800 Series Drop Bottom and a custom 40' Flat

pm-1 pm-2

Paul MacFarland, Brea California

30' Reefers

dp-1 dp-2 dp-3 dp-4 dp-5

dp-6 dp-7 dp-8 dp-9 dp-10

dp-11 dp-12 dp-13 dp-14

Doug Prescott, Durango, Colorado

Working Door Boxcars, 30' Reefers, 40' Reefer, GRAMPS Tanks and Don Winter Passenger Cars


Kenneth A. Jones, Deerfield Beach, Florida

30' Reefer

rmw-1 rmw-2 rmw-3 rmw-4 rmw-5 rmw-6

Robert M. Whitfield, Potters Marsh, Leicestershire, UK

Fixed Door Boxcars, 30' reefer and 40' Reefer

jb-1 jb-2 jb-3 jb-4

Jonathan Bliese, Chino, California

30' Reefers

bm-1 bm-2 bm-3 bm-4 bm-5 bm-6

Bob McCown, Maynard, Massachusetts

30' Reefer, Special Order Doghouse for OV, Special Order, 4 Door, Steel Frame, 40' Reefer

cm-1 cm-2

Chuck Meckem, Kirkland, Washington

Special Order Scribed Wood, Grabs Irons & Nut/Bolts

jo-1 jo-2 jo-3 jo-4

Jim Overland,  Seattle, Washington

30' Reefer, Boxcars pulled by an Accucraft live steam K-27.  Caboose is Hartford Products.


Jim Ferry, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

30' reefer

hld-1 hld-2 hld-3 hld-4

Howard Davis, Huntington Beach, California

30' Reefer and Flat Car

sl-1 sl-2

Scott Loomer, Reston, Virginia

PNG parts on a Hartford Rail & Tie car.

bl-1 bl-2 bl-3

Bill Lambert, San Marcos, California

40' and 30' Reefers

ds-1 ds-2

Dave Sykes, Auburn, WA

30' Reefers

bc-1 bc-2 bc-3 bc-4 bc-5

bc-6 bc-7 bc-8

Bruce Chandler, Burke, VA

40' Reefer with "special" steel frame, Tank Kit, 30' Reefer and Drop Bottoms

fw-1 fw-2 fw-3 fw-4

fw-5 fw-6

Friedhelm Weidelich, Duesseldorf, Germany

Editor, Gartenbahn Profi Magazine

30' Boxcar, 30' Reefer, 40' Reefer, GRAMPS Tank per magazine reviews

jk-1 jk-2

Jon Kling, Manassas, VA

30' Reefer & Kitchen cars

jbarnes-1 jbarnes-2 jbarnes-3 jbarnes-4 jbarnes-5 jbarnes-6 jbarnes-7

barnes13 jb14  jb15 jb16 JB-18 jb-19 jb-20

jb-21 jb-22 jb-23

Jerry Barnes, Plano, Texas

Boxcar, Reefer, Tank, Kitchen and Drop Bottom Kits and 27' boxcar per Reviews in Light Iron Digest


Rod Johnston, Corbeil, Ontario, Canada

30' Reefer Kit


Doug Matheson, Manotick, Ontario, Canada

Modified 40' reefer with "steel" frame as "Express Reefer"

tl-1 tl-2

Terry Liesegang, Glendale, AZ

Modified PNG-002, 30' reefer

gn-1 gn-2

Gary Nichols, Brandon, FL

40' Reefer

sw-1 sw-2 sw-3

Sam Wilde, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

30' Reefer

dg-1 dg-2 dg-3 dg-4 dg-5

David Gormley, Derby, United Kingdom

Frameless Tank Car & Kitchen Car

cc-1 cc-2 cc-3

Chris Cracklow, Vancouver Island, Canada

30' Boxcar


Bob Dunlap, Golden, Colorado

Tank Car


Dave Crocker, Fallbrook, California

Kitchen Car

jf-1 jf-2 jf-3

Jean Finer and "Rocky", Pottstown, Pennseyvainia


Bob Poli, California

40' Reefer

rb-1 rb-2 rb-3

Roger Bodwell, La Luz, New Mexico

40' Reefer

rl-1 rl-2 rl-3 rl-4 rl-5 rl-6

lucas-10  lucas-11  lucas-12  lucas-13  lucas-14  lucas-15

lucas16  licas17  lucas18  lucas19  lucas20 


Russ Lucas, Brisbane, Australia

700 Series Drop Bottom, 30' Boxcar, Frameless Tank, flat modified to a low sided gondola, MOW Caboose and an Engine Men Bunk Car

mg-1 mg-2 mg-3 gunn-4 gunn-5

Mark Gunn, Tasmania, Australia

700 Series Drop Bottom Gondola, MOW and 30' Reefer

jm-1  jm-2  jm-3  jm-4  jm-5  jm-6


John McGuyer, Bellflower, California

Drop Bottom and 40' Reefer


Ron Taylor, Hamilton, Indiana

30' Reefer

alanthomas-1  alanthomas-2  at-3  at-4  at-5  at-6

Alan Thomas, South Australia, Australia

40' Reefer

lf-1 lf-2 lf-3 lf-4

lf-5 lf-6 lf-7 lf-8

lf-9 lf-10 lf-11 lf-12

lf-13 lf-14 lf-15 lf-16

lf-17 lf-18 lf-19

Lloyd Fellbaum, Floresville, Texas

Flatcar, 27' Boxcar and Pass-Flat

jb-1 jb-2 jb-3

John Bouman, Chino Hills, CA

PNG Parts to kitbash Bachman tank to OM Water Car

jb-1  jb-2 jb-3 jb-4

jb-5 jb-6 jb-7 jb-8

jb-9 jb-12 jb-13 jb-14

jb-15 jb-17 jb-18 jb-19

jb-20 jb-22

John Bouck, Spokane Valley, WA. OM SMBC 04965, 40' reefer + various MOW from PNG Kits

rs-1  rs-2  rs-3  rs-4

Richard Snyder, Auburn, NE.

Passenger Flat and an outside braced boxcar from a PNG 27' boxcar kit.

ej-1 ej-2

Ernest Jenner, North Bend, WA

GM12-N20VA motors

be-1 be-2 be-3 be-4

Bob Eason, Phoenix, AZ

Laser cut parts.

tcruse-1  tcruse-2  tcruse-3  tcruse-4


Tom Cruse, Cincinnati, OH

40" Reefer

neil-1 neil-2 neil-3 neil-4

neil-5 neil-6 neil-7 neil-8

Skip MacEwen, Belleville, Illinois

Passenger Flat MOW

gyton-1 gyton-2 gyton-4 gyton-5

gyton-6 gyton-7

Dave Gyton, Richmond, BC, Canada

Several modified MOW cars

naeser-1  naeser-2  naeser-3  naeser-4

naeser-5  naeser-6

Chuck Naeser, Herndon, VA

30' and 40' Reefers

rowles-1  rowles-2  rowles-3  rowles-4

rowles-5  rowles-6  rowles-7  rowles-8

rowles-9  rowles-10

Chris Rowles, Darlington, Western Australia

MOW and Drop Bottom

je-1  je-2  je-3  je-4

je-5  johnes6  johnes7  johnes8

John Esposito, Westminster, Colorado

Flatcar, 27' Boxcar and 30' Reefer

rick-1  rick-2  rick-3  rick-4

Rick Marty, Redding, California

Passenger Flat

rl-1  rl-2  rl-3  rl-4

rl-5  rl-6  rl-7  rl-9

rl-8  rl-10  ruslan11  ruslan12

ruslan13  ruslan14  rl15  rl16

rl17  rl18  rl19  rl20

rl21  rl22  rl23  rl24

rl25  rl26  rl27  rl28

rl29  rl30  rl31  rl32


Ruslan Lyundovskiy, Moscow, Russia

Flatcar, 27' boxcar, 30' reefer, 40' reefer and 700 drop


Allan Clark, Qualicum Beach B.C. Canada

PNG 30' Boxcar with lots of Harpstands

rt-1 rt-2 rt-3 rt-4


Robert Tobys, Citrus Heights, CA

30' Flatcar

johnlu1  johnlu2  johnlu3  johnlu4

jl5  jl6  jl7

John Luehrsen, Madison, Wisconsin

30' Boxcars and 700 drop


Daryl Barter, British Columbia, Canada



Rob Lenicheck, Palo Alto, California

Drop Bottom

rs1  rs2  rs3  rs4

rs5  rs6  rs7  rs8

Rich Schiffman, Conroe, Texas

Custom 27' Reefer / Box

ronk1  ronk2  ronk3

Ron Keiser, Avada, CO

MOW Caboose

gballing1  gballing2  gballing3  gballing4

George Balling, Grayslake, IL

04013 Kitchen Car


George Rawe, Pfafftown, N.C.

Frameless Tank and 30' Reefer


Ed Mattison, Tacoma, WA

A 30' Boxcar and 3 Flatcars




Matthew Fierer, Deerfield, IL

A modified Don Winter drop bottom with PNG parts



Ken Scheer, Delta, CO

A scratch built 25' boxcar with PNG parts compared to a standard D&RGW 3000 series boxcar

Neil Campbell, Goodyear, AZ

PNG-004, 40' Reefer