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Train Room Bench Work

While waiting for the next batch of backdrop panels, it was time to buy some lumber and hardware and start making sawdust. While the logging area will eventually extend out into the room 8' from the west wall, I don't want to have to crawl through a maze of legs or other supports. A method I'm going to use is to support the outer tracks with a cantilevered brace system. These braces will support additional structure out the 8' to keep the underside open as much as possible.

This is the SW corner of the room. I'm using a lot of 2" by 3" lumber for the bracing. 2X4's are a little overkill as I won't be walking on it.

This is the south wall, west side of the tunnel over the steps. The area not covered by backdrops will be a large mountain with tunnel entrances for the track.

NW corner

North wall. Just a tad less than the 60' of backdrop.

Couldn't help myself. Had to get a loco and a couple cars out. Really what I was doing here is to test road bed textures for minimal noise transfer from the trains to the bench work. I will be using a spline method on 1x4 uprights. Half inch thick strips of celotex and finally a high density foam rubber. I will go into my methodology in the track work pages.

With my pocketbook heeled from the finale backdrop, it was back to screwing 2 X 3's on the wall. This section is on the north wall and extends 30" from the wall. The dip where the level is sitting will be a river bed.

A closer look a a future river bed and crossing. The NE corner is yet to be built.

East wall. This section will support the peninsula with the town and RR facilities. It extends out from the wall 42". Again, the SE corner is yet to be built. It was a lot easier to build out the wall sections and fit the corners last.

This is the south wall bracing before cantilevered structure is added.

North wall again. The NE corner is in and I'm working out elevations for 2 bridges.

South wall with cantilever in place

Structure to the east side of the entrance "tunnel"

Kind of an out of sequence couple of pictures. Trying to keep bench work on one page and track work on another is reaching a bit of a blur. This is the NE corner where another river bed will be. The lower track that will feed the hidden yard (back track) and the peninsula (front track) are already in. Now, figuring the structure to support the outer, upper track is shown in the next set of pictures.

Standard risers with the beginning of hard structure on the right.

Hard structure on the east wall.

SE corner. The lower track is the feed to the hidden yard.

South wall with 4 track hidden yard beneath.

South wall looking west towards the entrance tunnel.

J&S Coaches parked in the yard

The hidden yard. I will light this with LED strip. Strip comes in 5 meter lengths. Will need approximately 25' of it to light the area.

This is it as of September 2016. I need to do a lot of electrical wiring, turnout control and basic scenery before the peninsula structure at the east half and the logging structure at the west end can be started.

Once turnout solenoids and wiring were completed in the yard area and tracks above, I needed to get fascia board installed in front of the yard and cantilever braces.

This is 1/8" Luan plywood sometimes referred to as door skin. The cheaper hollow core interior doors are skinned with this stuff. For me, it's a strong, lightweight plywood that suits well for fascia board.

A little lower angle showing the fascia on the cantilever bracing.

Now to get it painted the charcoal gray to match the walls, floor and ceiling.

LED strip lights on and Tam Valley turnout controller pictured

This is the effect I want. Clean under the layout and with the charcoal color, the bench work all but disappears into the floor.

With this work finished I was ready to do some scenery.